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Supervised Kids are Welcome

Keep your kids nearby.

Leave the rocks and woodchips in-place. No throwing things – especially into the Brook.

No running. No climbing on walls, fences, or in gardens.

Respect the space of other Happy goers and our landscapes.


Sharing is Caring

Sharing tables with others is okay with us, you’ll just have to ask them.


We will clear your table

We will clear your dishes and glassware.

Be respectful of nature and ensure no litter is left on the ground.


Pets are not allowed

Sorry for this, but we have to prioritize the safety of the kiddos.


Smoking or vaping is not allowed

Also, no spitting.


Outside food or beverages are not allowed

Here’s some text so each line looks similar.



We have playing cards, etc at the bar. Ask your server FMI.


Wireless Fidelity

We have the #COLDESTBEERINTOWN so that’s our wifi name and it’s open.


When are we open?

Generally, when weather and staffing allow. No rain, we’re game.

Call our automated phone line:                             207.420.8707

Check our website:


Follow us on Instagram:               @happyvalleysouthberwick


We plan to be closed from Nov-Apr.

Thanks for visiting!

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